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I find that if I write it down, it's more likely to get done. To that effect a few things on this digital list were on my paper list and were actually completed before I even had a chance to post this listing. But I will list them nevertheless and hopefully the long term goals get started and the short term ones get complete. If this isn't a swift kick in the pants then I don't know what is.

  1. Have my grandmother meet my daughter
  2. Learn to sew on the sewing machine
  3. Finish knitting the blanket I started fall of 2009
  4. Paint a watercolor of Ari
  5. Go to the Eiffel tower
  6. Take piano lessons
  7. Print out the myriad photos that reside on my computer
  8. Make photo books
  9. Finish front yard landscaping
  10. Vegas, can't believe I've never been.
  11. Learn to drive stick
  12. Finish making a couple of pieces of jewelry
  13. New siding for the house and garage
  14. New roof for the house and garage
  15. Build the pergola for the front entrance
  16. Put together a card box so not always running out to the store in need of a wedding, shower, birthday card.
  17. Start my embroidered modern pillows
  18. Teach Arianna to swim
  19. Make a date night a regular event sans kid
  20. Make an Epicurious.com cookbook of my own
  21. Take my mom and mother in law for a pedicure
  22. Demolish old back splash in kitchen
  23. Install new back splash in kitchen
  24. Get a family pic taken that I don't cringe at
  25. Get and install outside wall sconces
  26. Change door locks
  27. Floss everyday
  28. Drink more water
  29. Take a multivitamin everyday
  30. Eat the rainbow
  31. Park at the back of the parking lot
  32. Never go to bed without washing my face
  33. Renew my passport
  34. Get Arianna a passport
  35. Get more stamps in my passport
  36. Meatless Mondays
  37. Organize my closets
  38. Put our House on the market
  39. Seriously undertake learning to speak tagalog - or at least understand it better
  40. Take better pictures
  41. Have a regular girls night out or in, as long as its shared w my besties
  42. Finish the basement redo
  43. Buy couch for basement
  44. Paint my dresser a bright color and install inside my closet
  45. Go to zumba regularly
  46. Ride our bikes more often
  47. Go blueberry picking
  48. Take Ari strawberry picking
  49. Finally take a real family vacation
  50. Take Ari to see Niagara falls
  51. Frame our silhouettes 
  52. Start composting
  53. Install a rain barrel
  54. Start plantings from seeds
  55. Try to be more patient, currently we are in the midst of the terrible 3's
  56. Blog more often
  57. Comment on other blogs more often hopefully you all will feel the love I love reading what you have to say
  58. Draw more often, I used to do it 3hrs a day 4 days a week for a whole year, Im sure I can find a little time once a month
  59. Incorporate some sort of filing system
  60. Get a file cabinet from craigslist
  61. Get/make an L shaped desk for office
  62. Repaint my living room/bedroom
  63. Reupholster Ariannas headboard
  64. Paint Aris tall boy
  65. Figure out my kids allergies, once and for all

So far all I have is 65 this was supposed to be a list of 101 in 1001 but I already feel like my plate is full so for now I'll tackle this and if I think of more than well I guess then I'll rename the list something else but for now maybe this will light a fire under me.

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