Planters of Jade

I needed something green, something to chase away the grey that is all I see out the window. It's still too soon to be seeing the trees turn green but I made myself a virtual landscape on my table to brighten up my days. I have to admit, putting succulents on the table is so much easier than having fresh cut flowers, changing out the water often deters my choice of floral arrangements.

Hopefully these will flourish in the pots I put them in. Remember them from back in the summer, I got them from the thrift store for .50 a piece. They don't have any drainage holes but I figure if I water sparingly, they might do just fine.

What do you think, should I also paint them the same white that the vases are painted? Now they look yellowish sitting next to the vases. 


I love me some spray paint

The only thing is I don't really have any place to spray paint indoors. I decided to paint indoors. Holy FUMES. Yeah that was a mistake but I did get the look that I wanted without having to wait till it warms up enough to spray paint outside.

I'm happy I went ahead and painted these vases, they were with me for a long time in their brown and blue state and not only was I sick of them but now that they are white they brighten up the space. I'm not sure how it would work if I didn't prime them first, didn't want to find out.

Just waiting now for the weather to warm up enough, I have a pile of other things that would look great painted.

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