Something to keep me busy, like I have nothing on my plate already!

With all the snow that pummeled the midwest I had a bit of a shopping hiatus. So when it melted and I felt free to move around and not feel so stranded and such I figured it was high time I went on some errands to places that hadn't seen me in a while, like Home Depot. Yeah most people don't think of Home Depot as one of the places that they would like to go and peruse. 

I love home improvement stores, it's where I get a ton of ideas and get myself into trouble, constantly thinking of new things to do or redo. This trip around we, Ari and I, only picked up a few things, some new jade plants to fill into my thrift store planters and some rope. Oh and some flood to add to my paint for my dresser. Can't wait to show you that one.

But I did find an alternative to my night table lamp dilemma.  Can't wait to spring that one on my unsuspecting husband.

I stopped at Hancock fabrics, it's not the best fabric store but it will do in a pinch, Vogue Fabrics probably is the best in the city. SO I always peruse the remnant rack and this time I found some upholstery fabric that was $4.00 a yard down from $21.00 in a quatrefoil pattern. I don't know what I'll do with it as of yet but the price was great. I do love me some quatrefoil. Isn't that grellow (grey/yellow) patterned fabric too cute. I also picked up some embroidery thread. I'm not sure how this is going to work yet so the details of this project are still secret but either way I will share, even if it comes out looking horrid. 

I can't forget the rotary cutter, I was trying to be cheap and just use the fabric scissors that I have but cutting fabric straight with them was not a strong suit for me. This, I'm told or better yet read is the way to cut fabric with one swipe. OLFA is a great brand I have the circle cutter from them and it's OMFreaking Great!

I hope to show you in the next few posts what I have done with some of these. 


Identity Funk

I'm having one. A big one. I'm in a funk about dressing myself and how should I look. I feel as though because I just turned 34 last week (YIKES) that I need to start clothes shopping from places that my high schooled niece doesn't shop from. Not that I spend a lot of money in those places but I do venture in.

Where is this coming from? Well mostly that the weather has been turning to something other than snow and the change of seasons is in the air what better time to change wardrobes. 

I find myself reaching for the same thing over and over - jeans and mostly t-shirts or some sort of comfortable top that I probably picked up from Old Navy. It's sad to look at my wardrobe. I have nice clothes when we go out to things such as dinners, and showers and weddings but my everyday dressing sucks. And thats where I live, is in the everyday.

Granted it's gotten worse since my daughter was born, one being the body has changed and I don't want to spend money on nice clothes when I feel that I need to drop a couple of sizes. The other is that I work 3 days from home so when I'm not dropping off at preschool, most of my day is spent in yoga pants and a t-shirt. 

Honestly I don't know where to even begin, I look at some women and they are always so pulled together in the most casual way, I just can't seem to either pull it off or get it together.  Where do I begin do I throw everything out and start from scratch ala What Not To Wear except I doubt my husband would fork over a 5k credit card for shopping.  Or do I get to a comfortable place with my body before I do a major re-haul, whether that means get to the size I want to be or just live and be happy with the size that I am? 

If I know whats best for me I'll actually start using my gym membership on a regular basis and get back to my college jeans. I used to not care about spending boku bucks on a designer pair of jeans, man they made my ass look hot, but now I stay under the $50 range which is friendly to my wallet but it's so not the same. Before you call me a jean snob, I know it sounds like it but when you find a pair of designer jeans that make your bootie looker smaller and are so crisp you can wear w heels and look very pulled together. I even wore a pair of awesome Chip and Pepper jeans up until the start of my third trimester, they weren't buttoned up, but they still made me look good. The right cut can do wonders. 

So getting back to my funk, where do I start? Do I find a muse? And try to embody the style that appeals to me? I'm looking to define myself in the times when I go grocery shopping, run errands, work, school functions, etc I don't want to just rely on my backup of jeans and comfy tops.

Maybe, I'll let you know what I figure out. I'd love to hear where your dressing inspiration comes from. Not necessarily an outfit but the whole package of presenting your self. 


Painted Ceilings

Back in the day when I was a child of the 80's we had painted ceilings. Not white mind you , but the same color as the walls. Though back then most of the colors were a coffee and cream color or something pastely not the bright or dark hues we do now.

In time the trend was to paint the room a color and paint the ceiling white. Which works really well. My whole house is painted in that manner.

This spring I will repaint my bedroom and living room and I'm thinking that there is no reason to keep the same theme of colored walls and white ceilings going. My friend had her place painted a dark taupe and the ceiling the same color but a shade lighter, and it looks AMAZING. Granted she has high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows, unlike myself, so that's probably why she can do a dark color.

I have been collecting these images form around the web for a while, if one of them belongs to you please let me credit you. I think I might venture into painting my ceiling a complimentary color or even a lighter shade of the same color. If I had the ability I might even try the painted stencil on the ceiling, although I think it looks best with very simple walls.

What do you think? will this be a deterrent in this market if I decide to sell the house and my ceilings are something other than white?

How amazing are these examples, I esp. love the one that looks like its a mosaic, I first thought that someone tiled the ceiling. That's dedication.

Love to hear from you all  on all and any subject, comments make my day.


Beyond Bouquets

Some of you who visit this blog know me and  know that I help my mom with her flower business. She mostly does flowers for weddings, and other events. She loves doing them and I like helping her, but it is a lot of work.

I came across this woman and her "flower" arrangements a couple of years ago, and have saved them thinking that one day I can hopefully persuade a bride to do arrangements like these for her tables. No one has been so adventurous. They are striking and exotic and magical all pieces of art.

Now I must leave you with the inspiring images of a artist working in a medium not usually considered as fine art. Maybe I will make an arrangement to place on my table instead.


Happy Valentinki to you!

Last Wednesday night as I sat and watched tv, I suddenly realized I need to have 18 valentine cards and candy ready for  the next day for preschool. Thats planning I tell ya. I had every intention of making cards and as I was ready to give up and just go buy them, I thought what a nice memory Ari will have one day that mommy MADE her cards.

So I designed and printed 18 cards at 11pm. I know it was worth it but did I just set myself up for future let downs. I mean this is preschool valentines cards what will I pull out when its graduation and wedding invites, sheesh.

Either way happy valentinki to all of you from me and my poopsie.


Jayson Home and Garden

Before the holidays I went to brunch with a couple of girlfriends. We decided to hit up Jayson Home and Garden afterwards.

This store is always amazing, the displays and furniture constantly changing. I love this place in the spring when they have the outdoor garden plants out already. This time around the theme was christmas, obviously, but a country christmas. I snapped a couple of pics with my phone so sorry the quality is crappy but you get the idea.

They have my favorite chair in a raw linen with nailhead trim, not like I can shell out 1,900 for a chair but hey, they have it. When you sit in and speak it sounds as though your speaking through a cardboard megaphone. The sound vibrates in your ears, it's really surreal.

What a cool concept with the brass pom pom flowers. To make an impact you have to put up a bunch of these on a wall. I wonder if there is an easy way to make these yourself? I think I feel a project coming on. 

If anyone has any good suggestions on how to make these, please feel free to comment. I always love reading your comments, they make my day.


An attempt at making pillows

I have a sewing machine that I share with my mother in law. We share it because neither of us really knows how to use it so why buy two when we can share. Well that was then. I can say I taught myself the ins and outs of this singer pretty fast. I love the feeling of accomplishing something. I know its small compared to what other people are sewing out there in blogland. But I have to say that my stitches are straight and even and that makes me happy.

I had some leftover linen that was used for my wreath that seemed a like a good base for doing something more creative to it. My circle cutter came into play and a a strand of broken beads. I think it turned out great. Except its a pillow you look at, not one you wanna lay your head on. In that case it might not be too hard to keep it pretty.
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