Identity Funk

I'm having one. A big one. I'm in a funk about dressing myself and how should I look. I feel as though because I just turned 34 last week (YIKES) that I need to start clothes shopping from places that my high schooled niece doesn't shop from. Not that I spend a lot of money in those places but I do venture in.

Where is this coming from? Well mostly that the weather has been turning to something other than snow and the change of seasons is in the air what better time to change wardrobes. 

I find myself reaching for the same thing over and over - jeans and mostly t-shirts or some sort of comfortable top that I probably picked up from Old Navy. It's sad to look at my wardrobe. I have nice clothes when we go out to things such as dinners, and showers and weddings but my everyday dressing sucks. And thats where I live, is in the everyday.

Granted it's gotten worse since my daughter was born, one being the body has changed and I don't want to spend money on nice clothes when I feel that I need to drop a couple of sizes. The other is that I work 3 days from home so when I'm not dropping off at preschool, most of my day is spent in yoga pants and a t-shirt. 

Honestly I don't know where to even begin, I look at some women and they are always so pulled together in the most casual way, I just can't seem to either pull it off or get it together.  Where do I begin do I throw everything out and start from scratch ala What Not To Wear except I doubt my husband would fork over a 5k credit card for shopping.  Or do I get to a comfortable place with my body before I do a major re-haul, whether that means get to the size I want to be or just live and be happy with the size that I am? 

If I know whats best for me I'll actually start using my gym membership on a regular basis and get back to my college jeans. I used to not care about spending boku bucks on a designer pair of jeans, man they made my ass look hot, but now I stay under the $50 range which is friendly to my wallet but it's so not the same. Before you call me a jean snob, I know it sounds like it but when you find a pair of designer jeans that make your bootie looker smaller and are so crisp you can wear w heels and look very pulled together. I even wore a pair of awesome Chip and Pepper jeans up until the start of my third trimester, they weren't buttoned up, but they still made me look good. The right cut can do wonders. 

So getting back to my funk, where do I start? Do I find a muse? And try to embody the style that appeals to me? I'm looking to define myself in the times when I go grocery shopping, run errands, work, school functions, etc I don't want to just rely on my backup of jeans and comfy tops.

Maybe, I'll let you know what I figure out. I'd love to hear where your dressing inspiration comes from. Not necessarily an outfit but the whole package of presenting your self. 

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