I was lost... in a book and then a movie.

I know, I know, I know.... I'm crazy. But what can I say I got sucked in. It's a sickness. I laughed at my cousin who was into the movie and books and said thats for teenagers what can a grown woman find so fascinating that she loses all sense of time and reality and spends 8 days reading all 4 books that are roughly 600 pages each. This woman I tell you.

I thought it will take me a month to read one book. But after staying up hours into the night, I finished it and asked for the next three. So for the next 10 days I made no attempts at housework, cleaning, cooking  and taking care of my daughter oh and sleeping. It seemed like it was 24/7 twilight. I had to read them in time to see New Moon of course. Plus I couldn't get enough of the attraction between Bella and Edward. I think thats what sucks all us women in. It's the remembrance of our first all encompassing love and the feeling of being in LOVE for the first time so thoroughly. Also it doesn't hurt that Robert Pattinson is kinda hot too. Although I think it has more to do with the story than anything else, it's the character he portrays more than HE himself.

Credit Photo Vanity Fair
But nonetheless I'm back and I swear this lapse won't happen again.

I hope.

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