An attempt at making pillows

I have a sewing machine that I share with my mother in law. We share it because neither of us really knows how to use it so why buy two when we can share. Well that was then. I can say I taught myself the ins and outs of this singer pretty fast. I love the feeling of accomplishing something. I know its small compared to what other people are sewing out there in blogland. But I have to say that my stitches are straight and even and that makes me happy.

I had some leftover linen that was used for my wreath that seemed a like a good base for doing something more creative to it. My circle cutter came into play and a a strand of broken beads. I think it turned out great. Except its a pillow you look at, not one you wanna lay your head on. In that case it might not be too hard to keep it pretty.


  1. Great job! Love asymmetrical touch!

  2. This is going to be a nice centerpiece on the sofa in the living room. I like this idea of yours.

  3. Wow I like this piece. Great work.


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