Christmas decor continued

Back in late November I got my bootie in gear and started a bunch of crafts some that had to do with christmas. I bought felt and styrofoam to make a felt wreath like I have seen all over blogland. I love the look of the plush felt in all its rufflely (is that a word) goodness. I was also smart in the sense that I am not patient enough to cut that many circles out and actually get done so I purchased a OLFA rotary cutter. Que in the angelic alleluia, no kidding, this thing is unfreaking-believable. I love it, I made about 300 circles in oh 20 minutes.

The great thing about this tool is you pick a size and no need to draw out the circles place it on the fabric and rotate around it once and your done. Once I got the hang of it I flew through those circles, all the same size with no crappy uneven edges.

I then started to hot glue and some of the places I used pins to get them into the styrofoam, which I think was the start to my downfall. I'll show you later. But either way I finished the wreath. I decided to make it with a linen instead of just the plain felt, I liked the texture.

As soon as I took the picture, the best thing happened.... it came crashing down and split into 3 pieces. Yeah not even a chance to close the door. It was weak and heavy at the same time, heavy from all the felt that was smooshed into it and weak from all the pins that were holding the circles in place, the hot glue probably didn't help either.

Lovely, isn't it.

What would any sane person do, probably throw the sucker out. But after taking 3 days to make this and the resources that went into this I was NOT going to give up on this. So I grabbed a roll of duct tape and taped the whole thing together in the back. I'm happy to report after that incident it stuck on our door for the entire holiday season, and then some.

Note to self next time space the the felt out a bit it could probably do with some breathing room and look into a sturdier styrofoam. Any hints or tricks if you've made this before you all would like to send my way, I'm listening.

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  1. Just discovered you via goodwill hunting... this is a lovely little project. I bet you could make an amazing bib necklace in the same way. :)



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