Nikon, you complete me

You do, well in the sense that with this camera I have the perfect partner for whatever shot I want to take. Let me clarify, I started my camera search a couple of years ago. I researched and researched and researched, oh yeah and I researched. On which brand to go with, Canon or Nikon? There is a ton of info out there and what spoke to me to go with a Nikon might not speak to you. The reason you want to be sure of your decision is that cameras get expensive and once you start buying more glass or equipment it usually fits only the brand your buying and to scrap all that and go with another brand is just foolish or you have extra money to blow which in that case if you have Nikon you can send me all the stuff you are currently getting rid of. 

But seriously, the first camera I bought was a Nikon D40x, which was a GREAT beginner dslr but I quickly outgrew my camera. So I researched again and decided I wanted to move up to the Nikon D300s which is a VERY expensive camera for me. Not a professional. While saving up for the D300s Nikon announced the release of the D7000, and after reading all the reviews I was sold. 

It had everything I needed and more, CMOS sensor, dynamic ISO from 100 to 6400 and up to 25,600, 39 autofocus points, twin SD cards, HD video, metal alloy body to name a few. And the price was great, well greater than the D300S. The only problem was that it had not shipped yet and you had to pre-order so I hemmed and hawed until the day it shipped and then it was sold out, just like that. 

I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and pre-order the sucker, the reviews it was getting all over the web were amazing. I was in love but Nikon wasn't loving me back, it took two more months before I got an email saying it was shipping out the next day. 

I think mine took longer since I ordered the body only and not the "package" which in my opinion it makes more sense to buy the body only and then buy a better lens cuz the lens you get with the package is usually not that fast anyway. Just take the extra that the package costs and put it toward a prime lens, which in my case I already got from my husband for christmas last year. All the photos on here since last December were mostly taken with that lens.

So the moral of this story is that I learned a great deal from my first camera and when I learned all I could and I was getting dark shots with a lot of noise I knew I needed to move up. In a perfect world the lighting would be perfect and ideal and the white balance would also work in all conditions but unfortunately it's not, but having the D7000 has made shooting in the dark all the much better, and I mean without a flash on. 

So if I was to give anyone any advice on cameras is that unless you have a ton of money to switch back and forth pick one and stay with it. Buy for the future, meaning buy the camera that will be able to grow with you instead of every couple of years buying another body. Buy the body only and spend the remainder on a prime lens as fast as you can afford and learn your manual and any other books on photography and the best one is practice. A lot. 

If you want to know why I went with a Nikon instead of a Canon drop me an email, I'm curious if anyone cares.

As you can tell this is a hobby for me and I love it. I wish I had more time to dedicate to photography and learn more but once something becomes demanding it's not fun anymore so I take it step by step and hopefully one day someone will, in regards to me say "wow, she takes great photos".

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