Lamp fairy will you please shine down on me?

Sometime ago I was watching the Rachel Zoe show and in her home she had these lamps on her console. I immediately fell in LUST! I tracked it down somehow with the magic that google is and although it is a dream of mine to have the large one or two I don't know if I can justify spending $500 on a LAMP. So the search continues to maybe find a vase that is similar and make it into a lamp?

Large 458., smaller 338. Comes in yellow, white and black.

Unless the lamp fairy wants to leave one behind for me, she can take my dog, even trade.


  1. Super cool... let me know if you find something similar for less! Love the yellow one.

  2. these are amazing! will go on my lust list as well!!!


  3. Check out your local Marshalls I read a blog just today that said she found similar ones at her Marshalls also in yellow and black versions and only $45


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