Where are you my love?

Last summer I saw this Directoire Table at Pier 1. It was also on a crazy discount sale for $29 WHAAA!!! and like a dumb-ass I walked away thinking I was going to come back and get it. Well it was gone after I remembered it a month later. So I have been looking for just the right thing. And wouldn't you know it I have become so picky that there is always something wrong with ones that I find.

Either they are way too much, or too high, or too modern, or not modern enough, well the list goes on. I also like for it now to have a second shelf underneath which this one didn't. Although on second thought I do like the nesting tables that are made of the faux gilded bamboo or bronze anything. So for now the search goes on, and if there is anyone out there that would like to post where you have seen this particular table for that same or close to price please do so, it will be greatly appreciated.

But then again I do like two of these in front of the sofa also, though they do seem a bit high.

Then there are these beauties from Plantation that I would need to have money growing on trees to be able to afford, I'm sure!

Or these nesting beauties called jonathan, from Oly Studio, aren't they lovely? Sigh... I can just see my daughter whacking her head on the corner of one of these. (not so kid friendly)

 And then there is this, but you see as great as it sounds to have a tufted ottoman as a coffee table, it's not practical. One day when there are no kids in the house and no animals and we become extremely clean and not want to put snacks or drinks on our coffee table, this is what I would get. Maybe.

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