Kitchen tool I LOVE!!

I love this gadget. Don't get me wrong my knives are nothing to laugh at but this tool makes my life sooo much easier. I received this Cuisinart food processor 5+ yrs ago for my wedding shower and it has been the biggest work horse in my kitchen toolshed, next to my pots and pans, but those don't count. Its worth its weight in gold I tell ya. I used to chop pico de gallo by hand which took me a couple of hrs with the mincing of that and the dicing of this. With this machine at my disposal – I can crank out a pico de gallo in 20 min flat. At the end of the summer I shred parmesan and pulse my basil to make pesto, make coleslaw with the attachment that shreds, and make dough for cookies during the holidays amongst other things. Like I said... gold.

Well this summer I brought it over to my friend Ann's house. We were chopping away through all the recipes we had to crank out for the company picnic that she decided that she needs to get one too. YES YOU DO! I'm sure it will be on sale before the holidays.

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