Halloween Decor

My halloween decor outdoors usually is a pumpkin carved in some funky pattern, dots or stripes. This year I got as a hand me down from my grandmother these two planters that were looking like they could be cement but were actually made of some kind of cheap styrofoam filler composite. They had been sitting outside all summer, as I had already planted and didn't know what to do with them.

As fall started to roll around I decided that these planters would be perfect in front of the house with my pumpkins inside them. I'm still debating if I should spray paint the pumpkins themselves a pewter or leave as is OR carve our initials on the surface and light them? Well I did spray paint the planters a black with a shimmer. The shimmer doesn't really show up as well as it does on other surfaces, maybe the planters are too porous? But they are painted none the less.

The other lit pumpkin is from my mom that was a gift to my daughter for her first halloween. Its not something I would have gotten myself but she loves it every time she sees it, so its stayin.

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