Artist Crush - Audrey Kawasaki

Let me tell you a little background on me. During my first year of art school we had to take life drawing classes four times a week for 2.5 hrs a day for one whole year. They were all naked models mostly women, which was perfectly fine with me, not that I'm a prude about seeing men naked I just wasn't into drawing them. They were difficult to draw, all the contours were so square and it was difficult to make look realistic without looking bulky. On the other hand I loved to draw women, the curves the way there were no hard edges, even on super skinny chicks, made what ever attempt you did look awesome. So I have an affinity to drawings of women, but this artist blows me away and the media that she paints on is usually wood.

The artist is Audrey Kawasaki, and I truly adore her work. She has a way of painting that looks ethereal and the juxtaposition on hard wood making the pieces glow at the same time. I have followed her work for many years and unfortunately she has never had a gallery showing in Chicago, mostly the west coast.
If your lucky to get on the waiting list you may be one of the limited who are allowed to buy a print from her on a first come first serve basis. Trust me, it goes FAST. I have only been notified twice, since she seldom sells any prints, but the two times I tried I lost. Better luck next time I guess. 

Here are some of the many that she has done, enjoy and If you get a print or (gasp) an original oh her work then I hate you already, just kidding. Or am I?

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