Updated fall front decor

It seems that if you carve a pumpkin too early or like October 12th, by the time halloween rolls around it will rot. Thats exactly what happened to me. I carved a cursive letter S onto my pumpkin scraped away the top layer only revealing the flesh ala Martha Stewart.

Too bad I did not get a chance to take a pic of it but you get the idea. To make my front porch more appealing to trick-or-treaters, since my husband brought a barrel of candy and we need to get rid of it, I should do something decorative. I whipped this up in a couple of minutes.

Had some left-over branches that were hanging around in a vase and lookin kind of sad. I shoved the sticks into the dirt, poured some lava rocks to give it more height and then placed some moss that I ripped from the edge of my yard on top of that. And ta-da!!!. Well it was a ta-da for me since it was such a no brainer, best part of all it was SUPER CHEAP-OOO. So now maybe we can get rid of all the candy so I won't have to eat it all, since I'm the only one that knows where its hidden.

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