Oh No!!! I've become that mom.

You ever out and about and your toddler sneaks a candy bar with her out on errands and procceeds to eat it very quietly in the car while your driving and not paying attention. And then you get to the destination just to see that your kids face is covered with chocolate and so are her hands. AND you didnt bring anything to wipe with, since your child is not that messy anymore, I don't carry wipes on short trips. 

What do you do?

This is not what she looked like, this pic was from when she 
decided that blue marker will suffice as "makeup". 

URGGHHHH I can't believe that I DID THIS. I SWORE I would NEVER DO THIS. 

Sometimes the ends justify the means.

I did the spit and wipe. AAHHHHH. 

I HATED that whenever my mom did it to us and our faces needed a quick wipe.  I swore when I'm a mom I won't put my kids through that embarrassment and grossness. 

I guess that should teach me a lesson to never say never. A contradiction of its own. 

At least there was some semblance of cleanliness when we walked into the the pharmacy. (Disregard the chocolate on the coat please.)

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