Kitchen Crush

When we got married, we got as a gift a set of knives. I also went out and bought myself a set of stainless steel knives from overstock. 2 sets of knives, although they are great knives I have literally no counter space. So two knife blocks are getting ridiculous. The solution was to get rid of one of the blocks and try to put most of the knives into one block. Not a great solution when they are all clean and put away there are always too many or the holes aren't right for the width. It's completely frustrating. Until – I was at BBB and saw the Kapoosh knife block. The model that they had in stock I wasn't into and I wanted to get the larger one. I decided to go online and see if I can find one that suits my kitchen more. I sure did, they aren't cheap but I really want to get it.

Do you have one? Do you like it? I read a comment online that the "sticks" get all bent out of shape, is that common? Looks pretty awesome, you can fit multiple types of knives from different sets and have them all corralled in one place.  Let me know what you think about these.




  1. Wow, I love this! I have seen a few of these at DFO, definitely on my wishlist :)


  2. This is exactly what I need!! I received a knife block from a certain someone along with some separate knives when I moved out...I still use it but half of my knives don't fit all the way into the slots...only 2 out of the 5 knives fit correctly...
    any idea what the price would be for a smaller one?

  3. Well that was extremely nice of them to gift you with a knife block and knives. Check out the amazon links they have a bunch of different styles and sizes that they sell and I think the smaller ones start at around $27.

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