Kitchen gadgets - vers. 2

Ok so the other side of the coin is the useless gadgets that clutter up our kitchen. How many things do I have that seriously only do one thing? Sometimes I forget that I have it since it's hardly used that I don't end up using it, or I think crap one more thing to wash,  I'll just use my knife instead.

Herb Scissors, seriously? Whats wrong with a knife or for that matter normal kitchen shears? 

Salad Spinner, I have one. Why? I ask myself the same thing. I usually just use the bowl that this came with, it's nice and light but have I spinned any lettuce in this? Maybe a few times, but for what it's worth I'd rather rinse my salad under the faucet and shake it off and let dry instead of pulling this contraption out. I mean it does exactly what it's supposed to do, and it does it well, just that it's only good for one purpose. I almost threw my spinner part away but I felt guilty since it was a shower gift and I was the one who asked for it.

Garlic Press - have this too! I don't ever use it so maybe I should just get rid of it. I can smash and chop garlic faster with my knife or if it needs to be really fine than I take out the grater and use that instead. Plus the knife and grater are much easier to clean than the dang holes in the garlic press. I cringe if I have to think about using the toothpick to get out all those left behind pieces of garlic that I couldn't get out with  brush. 

Egg Slicer, granted it does slice the egg in one pass but how hard is it to pass a knife over the egg a couple more times. Plus cleaning a knife pales in comparison to having to wipe every little wire and get the crud out of those crevices. 

Bagel Slicer - that much room dedicated to something that slices a bagel, if you don't have a bagel shop. Use a knife. 

Onion Goggles - I don't know, it seems that the more often I chop onions the more I'm prone to not tearing anymore. I can't remember when was the last time I teared up when I chopped onions. And I chop a lot of onions. Maybe for someone who has sensitive eyes? But really?

Tuna Strainer - because using the top of the can won't suffice? I mean this contraption is only good for one size of can. It's completely useless if you have the large can of tuna, and it takes up precious space in the drawer that most of us don't have room to give up.

All in all, I think that anything that is made for one purpose alone is a waste of money and space. Sometimes all you really need is a good knife or a great set of hands. Yes granted there are tools that are meant for one thing and are worth the space and price of owning it, but there really aren't that many. 

What are some of the useless things that you've come across? (or even own)

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  1. There should only be one unitasker in a kitchen:

    A fire extinguisher.


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