Which natural fiber rug should I go with?

I currently have a ikea rug, it's not bad, but with a child and dog and shoes, it's seen better days. Not saying I don't try and take care of it, I try not to wear shoes in the house and usually someone ends up tracking in with shoes onto the rug.

Even last summer I washed it. Scrubbed, hard, on my hands and knees, to be exact, but it's not lookin' too pretty. So I think I want to go with a natural fiber rug. The one we currently have is a red rug with white and brown twigs on it, the white twigs aren't so white anymore. I don't even want to show you how ugly its become.

Help me decide which rug to go with. I like the dark chocolate since it is so dark, stains and dirt shouldn't show up to easily on it. But the diamond juste from west elm is pulling at my heart strings. Its thicker and that fab diamond pattern is a bit more contemporary than the jute/sisal rugs I saw at pottery barn. But either way I would like to know if you have experience with either of these rugs or natural rugs in the past and any comments are welcome.

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