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I love gold. I didn't before. My wedding ring and engagement ring are platinum and I have always liked silver or white gold but a couple of years ago I started to like gold again. Yellow gold, the yellower the better. I loved how warm and rich it looked on anyones skin. Gold, being so expensive nowadays I have to resort to gold look alikes. Which is fine but I usually break out in hives from the fakes. I saw a couple of these pieces on Gilt Group awhile ago.  Gilt, whats Gilt Group you say? Well its a shopping pass that you need an invite to get on and it has the most amazing designer things for sale for a limited time and of a limited quantity.  And the great thing about Gilt is if you sign up and you send someone a link to sign up once that someone buys something, Gilt gives you $25 to go towards your Gilt account. I have a link in my side bar, please click and get your own personalized invite to join. But anyways...

They have had some awesome deals in the past these are a couple of the ones that I wanted to get, some were waaaayy out of my price range, but most were not.

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