Punxsutawney Phil... dang you!!!!

You know when the ground hog said there was going to be six more weeks of winter, I figured yeah hopefully that means that the snow will linger around but we won't get anymore real snowfall... wishfull thinking.
If you live in Chicago and east of it you know what I'm talking about. Although Chicago didn't get hit quite as hard as the other eastern cities we did get in some places anywhere from 6" - 14" of snow. Which means it will be some time before that melts and we see some sort of action coming up from the ground.

If this is what you have to look at, when you look anywhere, is blinding white...

Than maybe you need a bit of spring just like I do to brighten up your day. I saw this pot at Trader Joe's for $11 and I had to have it, although it says its Jasmine it doesn't smell like the jasmine that I grow in the summer. It almost smells like lilies which isn't to say it's bad, they just aren't fragrant. But I don't care, that burst of green and the lemons in the bowl certainly brighten up my day anytime I walk into the kitchen.

Oh hurry spring don't be late, it's not that I hate snow, I just love green trees and flowers more.

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  1. Plus...its nice to have a bright color...on your Birthday!!


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