Let them eat CAKE!!!

About a week or more ago was my birthday. Nothing fancy we didn't really celebrate since it falls close to valentines day I asked my husband to wait afterwards to get me flowers. I help my mom, who's a part time florist so I know the quality of flowers would be horrible around that time. 
I asked him to get me a facial instead, which was wonderful and since it was a real european facial took 3 hrs.   

This post isn't about any of that, its about the cake my girlfriend brought to my house to celebrate my birthday. My 3 closest best friends came over and we had fish tacos and wine and cake. 2 cakes. One was a passion fruit and the other a nut/chocolate/alcohol combo. We all had a small piece of each.  Although I cheated, I gave up pastries for lent, I will buy these cakes again for Easter. Only 30 something days to go.

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