Happy Milestone Birthday to my chipmunk

I know she's going to cringe when she reads this headline but ever since we were little she would always get stopped for her chipmunk cheeks. And she HATED it, but I tend to think that they make her look beautiful and only accentuate her lovely smile. My sister turned 30 yesterday and although she doesn't look a day over 25 and has always been young at heart - she thinks this is old. I disagree, as one of her friends put it the other day, its not years in your life but the life in your years that truly make the person.

So here's wishing health, wealth and happiness to a beautiful, intelligent, and obsessive compulsive best friend a sister could ever have! Na zdrowie and sto lat!!


  1. awww! I got tears in my eyes when I first read this...so sweet--thank you! I truely have the best sister/friend in the world...Love you lots :D

    btw...I hate the first pic. My cheeks are huge!

    ...kill the spider!!!

  2. awww...Happy Birthday to your sister!


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