Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble -Shakespeare

Halloween has never been my FAVORITE holiday but with the influx of non-kitchy decor and I'm starting to like it more than for it's doorbell ringing madness!

I think this year I'll get in the mood and paint my nails and toes in the fab colors from NARS, although purple has always been a staple for me, I don't have this one from NARS yet. And maybe I can order the silk scarf in time for Sunday - although I can see myself wearing it through the season indefinitely. 

  1. Skull ring - I know its pretty pricey but a girl can dream right!
  2. NARS colors in Versailles and Purple Rain
  3. Skull votive - These are pretty large but how cool would they look scattered along the pathway to your door or on a table scattered among other decor, or food.
  4. Skull Candle - Don't hate me cuz I like skulls, they just evoke a more grown up halloween instead of pumpkins everywhere. I bet this smells very musky and heavy.
  5. Black crepe paper wreath
  6. Crackle Balls Lighting - This looks like a full moon, I bet you can use this for a bunch of other occasions too.
  7. Vintage Skull Print - BlackBaroque has a bunch of different designs but you know my thing with skulls and all.
  8. Dark moody flowers, like flowering cabbage, black calla lilies, monkey tails and ebony leaves - I help my mom doing flowers for weddings so it rubs off.
  9. Bat Bunting - How fun!
  10. Silk scarf - I couldn't decide which one I liked best, there are several that struck my fancy.
Hope you find some inspiration here to make your own spooky chic halloween.

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  1. is the headline from Macbeth? I had to read it in grade school...sounds familiar--and now its bugging me.


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