Procrastination at its finest

Like I said in my bio, I am a procrastinator. In this situation, I have procrastinated to the point that it was embarrassing.  People would ask how long I've been married I'd reply "5.5 years" and ask to see my pics from the wedding, I would stare at them with a blank stare. Not that I didn't know what they were talking about. We had pictures taken, I just never got around to getting them developed. I had seen them right after the wedding, but I figured, ehh the photog has the digitals, we'll get it done soon. Soon stretched out to years and finally this spring my photographer contacted me and said there was going to be another increase in the price of the album.

Well that got my ass in gear. And the fact that our kid has more pics of her than our whole album - total, was disgusting. And so folks I finally put my nose to the grind and ordered my beautiful leather bound photo book album. God I'm not that much older but I feel as though I was sooo young in those pictures.

Our wedding day was wonderful. We had very incorporated Polish and Filipino traditions to our wedding. We had a Polish style blessing in the home and Filipino traditions during the mass, which were the cord veil and coin ceremony. We also had traditional Polish Highlanders playing at the wedding, which is a nod specifically where we come from in Poland. We also made our own vodka (If you've ever been to an 'off the boat' Polish wedding, you know what I'm talking about) And of course as usual Polish weddings go we partied till 4 a.m. Plus the next day we had something called poprawiny which translates to re-do.

When we walked out of the church its Polish tradition to throw money at the newlyweds, and whomever picks up the most rules the money hand. I think all my bridesmaids helped pick up only the larger denominations, and someone stuck a paper bill in my hand too. 

But I have to say with as large of a wedding as we had, 500 people, the thing that got me the most was the surprise that my parents got for us. We had booked a limo and a party bus for the bridal party but when we got out of the church... there was a traditional highlander horse and carriage waiting for us. 

I think I balled my eyes out when I saw that, not only was it a huge surprise but it was something that most girls coming from a highlander background hope to have in their wedding. I always dreamed of it but never voiced to anyone and to have that done on my special day, it still brings tears to my eyes. I can't even explain it.

And of course when we went to take our pictures in the park, we had to bring along a cooler with the homemade vodka and other booze to tide the bridal party over. Although this tradition was new to most of the Filipinos the Polish crew got them accustomed real quick. 

To say the reception was fun is an understatement. I think we were all pleasantly surprised how well opposite sides of the globe got along and partied so well. We had a band and a dj took over while the band took breaks plus the highlander group played while guests walked in. We danced and drank and ate till the early morning hours and the next day the party continued until late in the night. It was a great day, one I will remember and smile on, for the rest of my life. 

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  1. Great pictures, my wife and I did the same thing. It was a bit more exciting seeing them years later.


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