Pantone Fall Color Forecast

I live by Pantone colors. I love picking through the Pantone picker to decide on a color. It's not to say that the clients always have the extra money in their budget to print with spot colors, but I like picking through those first and then changing them out to process color system after. Sorry for the shop talk.

So when Pantone each year comes out with their forecast for the year I always take notice. I mean not only does Pantone set trends in advertising, this reaches far more – to fashion, interior, design, etc...

What do you think, anything strike your fancy? Sometimes we think meh, but after seeing the combos gel a bit, I can see myself using those colors.

What do you all think, can you see yourselves using these colors in your next home project, if so I would love to know which ones and where.

1 comment:

  1. I know it sounds kind of boring but I'm liking the oyster gray--maybe with a little of the lagoon color for my bathroom? Hmm...we'll see


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