Natures Bounty from the Garden

I don't know if I ever mentioned that I have a little garden behind my garage. Nothing too large just three little grave plots. The shape of them are three rectangles that look like I buried some bodies, but the only thing that was ever buried back there was some sheep manure that was mixed in with the dirt.

This is my 5th year of planting and a couple years ago I bought a gooseberry bush and two red currant bushes. Every year I have had fruit, but this year the take is unbelievable. The branches are heavy with the ripening fruit. I think I have soo much this year is that there is a lot of old growth and the birds don't pick off the red berries since its a bit harder to see with all those branches.

My daughter goes back there once in a while and picks off the fruit from the branches just like I used to when I was a little girl back in Poland. The gooseberries are really getting ripe, they are turning red and sweet from being in the sun for so long. The only pain in the ass is picking them through all the thorns that are on the branches. I should call my mom over to come pick, she'll stand there for hours and pick the branches bare. I just don't have the patience.

In the past we have always eaten them just off the branch but if there a a large bounty my grandma used to can them in their own syrup and later open and make something called kompot. Which is stewed fruit in water with sugar and later cooled and drank. It always tastes the best when you have a mixture of left over fruit like strawberries or some raspberries, plums, etc...

Yum I'm getting thirsty just thinking about the homemade fruit drink, maybe I'll make some this week instead of waiting for leftover fruit.

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  1. The red currant really looks delicious. Animal manure is best for composting and making it a fertilizers for the plants. Chicken, pig and cow manure is always my grandfather's fertilizers for the soil to make it richer in nutrients.


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